BROTHER by Horsman 1937

In addition to paint issues, this doll's eyes had shattered and were cloudy.  With varnish, paint and extender, I was able to brighten his eyes again! 


This Campbell Kid is from 1911 and had aged somewhat over the years, but was very fixable!  After removing the old paint, sanding and airbrushing....she looks sunny again!

Dear Dolly Friends


This dolly had magic skin arms and legs that disentigrated (as most do!) 

Magic skin is no longer made, so replacement limbs were obtained.  They are made of "new" composition using vintage molds.  Her mouth was rebuilt; her hair was combed out and curled into an original style.  She looks MUCH happier, doesn't she?.


Here is a little guy that looked pretty sad when he arrived! But after some patching and sanding (and sanding...and SANDING!) he was ready to paint and try on his new sailor outfit! He looks sooo much better!  His owner thinks so too!

Doll Doctor History and Projects

In October, 2000 I received instruction in the repair of composition and bisque at a G & M Doll Restoration Seminar in Virginia Beach, VA. I received my advance restoration certification in May of 2002. My philosophy in repairing dolls is "less is more" other only what REALLY needs to be done to retain the original elements of that particular doll. After completing studies with G & M Doll restoration, DEAR DOLLY FRIENDS was born.

I have heard it said:

"If you have the HEAD, you have the doll!"

The character and personality of a doll is in the face.  Repairs can be made, you can find a substitute body and copy an original costume!!

Some ask "Is it worth the money?" to have work done on a doll. That is in the heart of the owner. Can we put a price on memories? On history?  On the love and companionship a doll has given? Often when I return a doll to the owner and see the look on her face when she sees her restored doll, I feel that I haven't just restored a doll---

I've restored a CHILDHOOD!